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Family Dentistry

We are dedicated to helping your family enjoy optimal oral health and wellbeing. Visit us at least twice a year for preventive checkups & dental cleanings.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Givan offers comprehensive cosmetic dental services to help patients in and around Fort Worth create more dazzling smiles.

Implant Dentistry

For patients who are missing one or more teeth a complete, healthy smile is possible with dental implants and mini dental implants.

Mark Givan's Blog

We Know Where to Find Comfortable Dentures in Benbrook

June 9, 2017

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Dentures in Benbrook are a wonderful restorative solution. If you associate dentures with old age and denture cream commercials, it’s time to update your view. Modern dentures are far better than what your great grandma and grandpa may have worn — and that’s great news if you have experienced significant tooth loss. For patients who are missing more than a few teeth, a full or partial denture can be an excellent solution. Keep reading to learn more about your options in dentures in Benbrook!


Googling a “Great Dentist Near Me” is a Thing of the Past!

March 21, 2017

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Don’t wait and leave yourself stuck asking “Where’s a dentist near me that I can trust?”It’s about that time of year again. College students and recent college grads are on the move. Whether you’ve just moved for a new job or better opportunity, there are lots of things that you need to consider. Preparing your life away from home can be daunting, but we’re here to remind you that your healthcare should be one of the main priorities. One task that you cannot let fall between the cracks is finding a great dentist that has the experience, services, and location that you need. This is key before you end up in a dental emergency frantically googling “dentist near me” at the very last moment. Before choosing a dental professional, the office of Mark Givan wants you to consider these quick questions.


Benbrook Cosmetic Dentist Creates Smiles and Confidence

January 12, 2017

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See Benbrook cosmetic dentist Dr. Givan for a new smile and renewed confidence. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? It’s not too late. Dr. Givan and his team have a resolution you can make—and keep—with our help. Commit to having the smile you’ve always wanted. An attractive smile is alluring to other people, but more important is what it can do for you on the inside. Just knowing that your smile is beautiful can make all the difference in your self-confidence. So, don’t wait. Schedule a consultation now with Benbrook cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark Givan.


Restore Your Smile with a Crown or Dental Bridge in Benbrook

December 15, 2016

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Do I need a crown or a dental bridge in Benbrook?It’s amazing how excited you still get whenever you decide to eat at Whataburger. You’ve been going there your entire life, and you still know, hands down, that it’s the best fast food in the world. Pulling up to the iconic orange and white building just fills you with anticipation. Whataburger has aged so well over time; it’s barely changed as the world around it has completely morphed. You wish the same could be said for your teeth. Perhaps some are decayed, cracked, or even missing. Regardless, time has not been kind, and you want to get them fixed, but how? You can now restore your smile and make it last for decades with a dental crown or dental bridge in Benbrook.  (more…)

Dentist in Benbrook Reminds You to Maximize Insurance in 2016

November 22, 2016

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dentist in benbrook reminds you to use your insurance in 2016Are you making the most out of your dental insurance? Whether you are insured individually or through your employer, you should be eligible for free or heavily discounted preventive and restorative dental care. And as your dentist in Benbrook, we want to make sure you receive all the insurance benefits you are entitled to. We will work with you to make using your dental insurance a breeze. Keep reading to learn more about your benefits — and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions!


Dr. Mark Givan Is Your Family Dentist In Benbrook, TX

September 30, 2016

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 Dr. Givan is the trusted dentist in Benbrook, TXYou and your family already share so much — why not add your dentist to the list? When you all visit the same practice for your smile needs, you’re more likely to keep up with preventive care. Your little one may find it easier to trust a dentist they see everyone else in the family visiting, too. Dr. Mark Givan is the dentist Benbrook, TX families and individuals trust! From preventive and implant dentistry to specialty services like sleep apnea treatment, you’ll find everything you and your loved ones need in our state-of-the-art office.


Dental Implants in Fort Worth: Are You a Candidate?

August 19, 2016

dental implants in fort worthThere’s a reason they’re known as the best option for replacing missing teeth. Sometimes called “nature’s rival,” nothing else provides a truly comprehensive solution following tooth loss like dental implants. Dr. Givan provides implant dentistry for patients missing one, two, or a full row of teeth. Are you a candidate for dental implants in Fort Worth? Let’s take a closer look at the requirements of a successful dental implant procedure.


Cosmetic Dentistry Options with Your Fort Worth Dentist

July 24, 2016

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Fort Worth DentistSummer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a smile that is more attractive and makes you feel more confident. Fort Worth dentist Dr. Givan and his team offer a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can transform the size, shape or color of your teeth, so your smile is picture perfect. Read on to find out more about our cosmetic dentistry services.


Your Family Friendly Dentist in Fort Worth, TX

July 14, 2016

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Learn what your family friendly dentist in Ft. Worth, TX has to offer.Finding the right providers to care for your family can be a challenge. For your dental care we’d like to make your decision easy. Dr. Mark Givan is your premiere Ft. Worth dentist because he’s been providing exceptional dental care for families in Texas for over thirty-five years. With years of knowledge, experience, and advanced training he offers advanced services and a level of care that you won’t find at most dental practices. Learn more about your family friendly dentist in Fort Worth, TX.


Your Dentist in Ft. Worth: Welcome to Our Blog

May 30, 2016

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dentist in Ft. WorthDr. Mark Givan, your dentist in Ft. Worth, welcomes you to our new blog. With our patients the core of our dental practice, we are committed to bringing dental excellence into every aspect of our care. Supporting our mission for excellence, we strive to build relationships with our patients and provide the best educational material possible to promote oral health. Through our new blog, we offer another opportunity for our patients to get to know Dr. Givan and his staff. In addition, we will provide the comprehensive information you need to better understand oral health and how you can promote a lifelong beautiful smile.