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Cosmetic Dentistry Options with Your Fort Worth Dentist

July 24, 2016

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Fort Worth DentistSummer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a smile that is more attractive and makes you feel more confident. Fort Worth dentist Dr. Givan and his team offer a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can transform the size, shape or color of your teeth, so your smile is picture perfect. Read on to find out more about our cosmetic dentistry services.

Teeth Whitening in Fort Worth

One of the most effective steps you can take to enhance your smile is to whiten your teeth. Did you know that a whiter smile not only looks better, but can also make you look years younger, too? And the years can be one of the culprits that make teeth yellow and discolor. Over time, the cumulative affect of all the colorful foods and beverages we consume—coffee, tea, red wine, berries, tomatoes and chocolate to name just a few—can darken teeth. Other things that can stain or discolor teeth are smoking and chewing tobacco; certain medications or chemotherapy; tooth injury; and genetics.

To restore a beautiful white smile, Fort Worth cosmetic dentist Dr. Givan has an at-home teeth whitening system. We’ll take molds of your teeth in order to fabricate custom-fitted mouth trays. All you have to do is fill the trays with the whitening gel we provide and wear them according to Dr. Givan’s instructions.

Porcelain Veneers in Fort Worth

If your smile needs a bit more than whitening, then consider porcelain veneers. These are custom-made coverings of dental porcelain that are bonded to your teeth to cover stains, cracks, chips, breaks and even teeth that are slightly misaligned or oddly spaced. Dr. Givan custom designs veneers, so that the size and shape are correct for each individual tooth. And the color can be as white as you and your Fort Worth dentist decide is appropriate for your lip color and facial complexion.

Placing porcelain veneers usually requires two appointments. At the first, Dr. Givan carefully shaves off a slim layer of enamel, so the veneers lay naturally in your mouth. To protect these teeth, you’ll wear temporary veneers while the dental lab fabricates your permanent set. Then in two weeks, you’ll return to the cosmetic dentist in Fort Worth to have your beautiful new smile bonded over your teeth.

Call Your Fort Worth Dentist Today

If you’re ready to perfect your smile, then contact Mark Givan, DDS in Fort Worth, TX, and ask about teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

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