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How to Choose Your Dentist for Dental Implants in Benbrook

December 29, 2017

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woman researching Are you tired of slipping your tongue into the gap where your front tooth used to be? Replacing your teeth may be one of the best things you can do for your smile—both health wise and aesthetically. In fact, dental implants in Benbrook are the best option. If you’re really considering getting them, you need an expert implant dentist!

Believe It or Not, Choosing the Right Dentist is Important!

When it comes to the dental implants themselves, you shouldn’t fret. Implants are a highly reliable procedure with a leading success rate of just about 98%! Once your implants are in, they’ll be just as strong and attractive as natural teeth.

Many may not believe it, dentists have been performing dental implant procedures for more than five decades. As far as dental procedures go, implants are one of the more common, low-risk procedures available!

But no matter how trusted and proven dental implants are, they still require placement through oral surgery, and not just any dentist should perform oral surgery. It’s common for dentists to learn about implants in dental school, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have had hands-on experience placing dental implants. Unless your dentist received continuing education and hands-on training concerning dental implants and performs the procedure routinely, they probably aren’t the best dentist to perform your implant procedure.

How Do You Choose the Right Dentist

So, if your general dentist isn’t the best choice for your dental implant placement, who should you visit? The key to finding the right implant dentist is hunting down that perfect combination of education, experience, and awesome reviews.

The dentist you choose should have continued education and training in implant dentistry. Your dentist should have experience and education from a dental school, getting hands-on dental experience. Over the years, your dentist will have become a dental implant expert.

And of course, it’s important to see your dentist’s work before you sit down in the chair. Try checking out their website for a smile gallery and also read previous patients reviews. These can also demonstrate whether or not the dentist’s work lives up to the claims they make on their website.

Dental implants are nothing to be scared of when you put your oral health in the hands of an expert. The choice of which dentist that is shouldn’t be made quickly! Take your time to complete research about your new implant expert. Choosing a dentist who is trained, experienced, and trusted by their patients can help you to relax and trust your implant dentist.

Meet Your Dentist

Your dentist in Benbrook knows that tooth loss can not only be debilitating, but it can be embarrassing. That’s why we offer dental implant care in our state of the art office for our patients. Our goal is to help your oral health reach new levels and maintain it. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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