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Technology You Can Expect When Visiting Your Dentist in Benbrook

June 3, 2018

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It’s important for your dentist to stay aware of the latest updates within dentistry regarding techniques and procedures. However, it’s also important to invest in new technologies he knows will improve your overall dental experience. Thanks to technology like digital X-ray machines and super precise scanning devices, your dentist can provide better dental restorations and plan treatments more effectively than ever before.

To learn more about the benefits new dental technology brings to patients, keep reading this post from your dentist in Benbrook.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

In the past, patients have expressed concerns about the radiation typically associated with X-ray machines at their practice. To help relieve that tension as well as make X-rays more convenient, dentists have begun incorporating digital X-ray machines to their practice, which reduce radiation by as much as 90 percent. For additional protection, you’ll also be given a full body and thyroid collar shield. This should remove all concerns regarding radiation.

Furthermore, digital X-rays can be viewed almost instantly, reducing your time spent in the chair. It also allows the dentist to compare previous X-rays to the most recent ones and examine any changes in your oral health.

Whether your dentist is evaluating your oral health or planning a treatment, X-rays are a necessary factor of performing both. With X-rays, he can catch early signs of decay and provide advice or treatments to prevent damage before it occurs. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants can make a big difference in cavity prevention. If you plan on getting dental implants or other restorative treatments performed, your dentist will use X-rays to make sure they know what to expect before starting any surgery, ensuring the devices have viable room for placement.

How the iTero Scanner Makes a Difference

The iTero Scanner is an economical device used for taking digital impressions. In the past, patients getting dental crowns, implants, nightguards, and clear aligners had to use impression molds. This gray, putty-like substance was often unappealing for patients and isn’t as accurate as a digital impression.

iTero’s scans are 99.99 percent accurate, offering patients a significantly more precise approach to creating customized dental appliances. Through the use of a handheld wand, your dentist in Benbrook can capture all the unique crevices and surfaces of your teeth. This data can be sent to a dental lab instantly to produce:

  • Dental crowns
  • Bridges
  • Nightguards
  • Implant-retained crowns
  • and clear aligners from ClearCorrect

For additional convenience, the scans are viewable on a nearby screen, allowing your dentist to show patients their current oral health status.

Your dentist understands the value of investing in new dental technology. Schedule an appointment with him today to see it for yourself!

About the Author

Dr. Mark Givan earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Baylor College of Dentistry. Along with staying updated on the latest advancements in dentistry, he also completes 20 to 40 hours of continuing education every year. To learn more about his practice, contact him through his website.

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