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Why You Should Never Avoid Seeing Your Dentist in Fort Worth

July 23, 2019

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Patient and dentist

You’ve found out that some of your friends don’t see the dentist on a regular basis. Some do so out of fear while others think they can save money by only making an appointment when there’s a real problem. These decisions might seem okay in the short term, but over time the consequences of avoiding the dentist in Fort Worth will start to show. The ultimate cost could be your smile – or even worse.

What Happens if I Don’t See the Dentist?

You’ve probably heard of the plaque that’s created by the bacteria and food particles stuck on your teeth. A regular dental checkup and cleaning will locate plaque in every nook and cranny of your mouth and remove it. If this isn’t done, your teeth will start to decay and cavities will form. An untreated cavity will eventually lead to an infection; this can cause a lot of pain, and your only options for relief might be a root canal or removing the tooth entirely.

Bacteria in your mouth can infect your gums as well. Patients with gum disease will suffer from swelling and bleeding, and eventually tooth loss might occur. That’s not even the worst of it; a lot of researchers are finding that patients with this condition are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, lung infections and Alzheimer’s. Basically, if you don’t take care of your mouth – or if you don’t have potential health problems treated as quickly as possible – the rest of your body might pay a price for it.

What If I Just Brush and Floss Every Day?

Of course, cleaning your teeth every day by brushing and flossing goes a long way towards avoiding cavities and gum disease. That said, it might not be enough on its own. There are more surfaces on your teeth to clean than you might think, and many patients might miss several spots without even realizing they’re doing it. If plaque isn’t removed in time, it hardens into tartar; at that point, you’ll need more than toothpaste or dental floss to remove it.

How Does the Dentist Keep My Mouth Healthy?

In addition to getting rid of plaque and tartar, your dentist will also look for signs of tooth decay and other oral health problems. The earlier they’re found, the more likely it is they can be taken care of with relatively simple treatments. This keeps your smile in good shape and, as a bonus, can save you money on future appointments.

 It’s usually recommended to have a dental appointment every six months (or more often if you’re a smoker or already have an oral health problem that needs attention). If you haven’t had a visit yet this year, start asking yourself, “Where’s a good dentist near me?”

 About the Author

Dr. Mark Givan believes it’s important for patients to have a good relationship with their dentist and makes a point of treating everyone who visits his practice like family. He was named a top Texas dentist by Texas Monthly in 2019 and is a member of the Fort Worth District Dental Society. To schedule an appointment, visit his website or call (817) 926-5556.

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