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Dental Technology

 Dental Technology

At our Fort Worth, Texas dental practice, Dr. Mark Givan and his dedicated team are committed to delivering high-quality care through the incorporation of cutting-edge dental technology. This commitment allows us to ensure a superior patient experience characterized by comfort and efficiency.

Types of Dental Technology Used:

One of the key technological advancements we employ is Cone Beam 3D Imaging. This technique utilizes a cone-shaped beam to capture detailed, three-dimensional images of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures. In contrast to traditional X-rays, which offer two-dimensional views, Cone Beam scans provide a more comprehensive perspective, enabling dentists to visualize the anatomy in three dimensions.

Digital X-Rays represent another integral component of our advanced dental tools. These X-rays use electronic sensors to capture images, which are then processed and displayed on a computer screen. Unlike traditional film X-rays, digital X-rays offer several advantages, including faster image acquisition, lower radiation doses, and enhanced image sharing capabilities.

The iTero® Digital Scanner further exemplifies our commitment to state-of-the-art dental care. This device employs laser and optical scanning to create precise 3D digital models of a patient's teeth and oral structures. The detailed images obtained eliminate the need for traditional dental impressions made with putty-like materials, offering a more comfortable and accurate representation of dental anatomy.

Our focus on dental technology sets us apart in providing innovative and patient-centered care.

If you're seeking a modern dental experience that prioritizes comfort, efficiency, and advanced techniques, we invite you to schedule a visit with Dr. Mark Givan at 817-926-5556 to schedule a visit today!



  • "Dr. Givan is the best. He has an awesome team and they all do the best work. I will always be a patient of Dr. Givan!"

  • "These guys are awesome! Dr. Givan have been practicing for many years and it shows. His team are knowledgeable and accommodating. Clean and comfortable atmosphere."

  • "Dr. Givan is the best. He has an awesome team and they all do the best work. I will always be a patient of Dr. Givan!"