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Family Dentistry
Family Dentistry

We are dedicated to helping your family enjoy optimal oral health and wellbeing. Visit us at least twice a year for preventive checkups & dental cleanings.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Givan offers comprehensive cosmetic dental services to help patients in and around Fort Worth create more dazzling smiles.

Dental Implants
Dental Implants

For patients who are missing one or more teeth a complete, healthy smile is possible with dental implants and mini dental implants.

Single Tooth Replacement – Fort Worth, TX

Enjoy a Long-term Solution

No one ever expects to lose a tooth, but it’s a reality 120 million Americans face. If you have an incomplete smile, it’s easy to feel insecure about the empty space. Not to mention, losing even a single tooth negatively impacts your oral health and your quality of life. Thankfully, you don’t need to live with the effects of tooth loss. Our office uses the latest solutions in dentistry to replace missing teeth. Besides traditional prosthetics, we also offer dental implants. You can enjoy the next best thing to your real tooth using a treatment that can last for a lifetime.

Single Tooth Replacement Options

Man with tooth loss needing dental implants.

Every tooth in your mouth has an invaluable role in your oral health and functions. Losing even one causes several complications because your jawbone is not being stimulated by the root. As a result, it slowly shrinks, causing your remaining teeth to lose the support they need to stay in place.

Eventually, your teeth will move out of position, increasing your risk of cavities, gum disease, and additional tooth loss. With each tooth you lose, you’ll struggle to preform simple oral functions, like biting and chewing. This can make it difficult to maintain a balanced diet, potentially leading to nutritional deficiencies.

Our office offers the solutions you need to preserve your smile to prevent the complications of tooth loss. Depending on your needs and preferences, you might be a candidate for:

  • Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is the most conventional option to replace a missing tooth. An impression of your mouth is used to recreate the portion of your tooth visible above the gum line. It’s held in place by bonding dental crowns over the adjacent teeth. This is a quick fix to fill the empty space without needing surgery. While it is effective, you’ll need to have it replaced every 5 to 10 years.

  • Dental Implant

A dental implant is the only treatment to replace the entire tooth structure. A titanium implant post is surgically placed into your jawbone to act as a new root. An abutment is attached to the post to connect your custom-made crown. Although it may take longer to replace your tooth, you’ll enjoy a permanent solution to rebuild your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Model of a dental implant replacing an upper tooth.

Replacing the entire tooth allows you to benefit from various advantages that aren’t possible using any other treatment, including:

  • Over a 95% success rate.
  • Predictable and reliable results.
  • Looks natural using all-ceramic material.
  • Regain as much as 70% of your biting force.
  • Preserves your jawbone’s density.
  • Stops dental drift to improve your oral health.
  • Easy maintenance and care.
  • Doesn’t alter any healthy teeth.
  • Long-term solution that can last for decades.
  • Cost-effective because it shouldn’t need to be replaced.

Replace Your Missing Tooth Today

Older woman with dental implant smiling.

If you’re ready to enjoy a complete smile again, it’s time to take your first step by contacting our office today to schedule your consultation. We will provide the natural-looking results you need for a beautiful, functional smile.