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GLO Whitening - Fort Worth, TX

Enjoy a Brighter, More Confident Smile!

Could your smile use a little refresher? Professional teeth whitening in Fort Worth is a great way to rejuvenate yellowed or stained teeth, a side effect of aging that just about everyone will experience. A simple take-home teeth whitening treatment does not take long to complete and it can lift stains and leave your smile up to 8 shades brighter. Dr. Givan and our team prefer GLO take-home whitening -- keep reading to learn more about how it works and whether or not this option is right for your smile!


About GLO Whitening

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GLO is a hands-free whitening treatment that really works -- with no sensitivity. We prefer this option because it allows patients the convenience of whitening at home without increasing the risk of discomfort when exposed to heat, cold, and air that is common with other whitening treatments.

GLO works using clinically-proven warming heat acceleration. You wear the mouthpiece that has been filled with the teeth whitening solution for just 8 minutes a day (far shorter than the typical take-home treatment). Thanks the the warming accelerator, that’s all it takes to notice immediate results. Continue for as long as directed (it may vary for each patient) and enjoy lasting, beautiful whitening!

The GLO whitening kit includes the following:

  • GLO control & lanyard
  • GLO mouthpiece & storage case
  • 10 teeth whitening GLO vials (enough for 40 applications)
  • GLO lip treatment
  • GLO universal power cord & adaptor
  • Sleek travel & storage case

Benefits of Take-Home Teeth Whitening

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Take-home teeth whitening offers a number of benefits for patients who are interested in improving the appearance of their smiles with cosmetic dentistry. It can be used alone or combined with another cosmetic dentistry treatment for maximum results.

Some of the most considerable advantages of take-home teeth whitening -- and GLO in particular -- are listed below.

  • Complete the whitening process from the comfort of your own home
  • Reveal your results gradually rather than all of a sudden
  • Increased affordability compared to in-office treatments
  • Professional-grade results that last
  • GLO reduces the risk of sensitivity that is common with teeth whitening

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right for You?

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Just about everyone can benefit from take-home teeth whitening. We may recommend combining this treatment with a checkup and cleaning to ensure you are in excellent oral health before proceeding. Spots of tooth decay or presence of gum disease should be treated before or during the teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

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If you’re ready to reveal a brighter smile, teeth whitening in Ft. Worth may be the solution for you; however, it’s normal to have a few concerns. Don’t worry, we’ll explain the entire process during your initial consultation. While you wait for your appointment, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions our patients ask us about teeth whitening.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

You might have heard whitening treatments cause sensitivity, but there isn’t anything to fear. Whitening systems have undergone several improvements over the years. They are specially formulated to provide drastic results while minimizing sensitivity. Your dentist can even personalize your treatment, so you’re significantly less likely to have any discomfort. If you’re prone to painful sensations following your treatments, it’s important to let us know. We may recommend using desensitizing toothpaste for a couple of weeks before your treatment. In the event discomfort does occur, it typically doesn’t last for longer than 48 hours. During that time, avoid any hot or cold foods and drinks to prevent any uncomfortable sensations.

How can I make my results last?

Your results can last for a few months to several years, depending on how well you care for your new smile. The first step to protect your results involves a solid oral hygiene routine. Besides brushing twice daily and flossing nightly, consider adding a mouthrinse to your routine. It’s essential you’re proactive about preventing new stains, so you’ll want to limit your consumption of darkly pigmented or acidic foods and drinks. If you’re having a dark-colored drink, it’s better to sip it through a straw to limit its contact with your teeth. Your cosmetic dentist in Ft. Worth also recommends drinking it all at once instead of sipping it throughout the day. After having anything that might stain your teeth, rinse your mouth with water if you can’t get to your toothbrush. In addition to the proper diet, it’s best to break any bad habits that might tarnish your smile, like smoking. Finally, don’t forget to visit your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. Not only will they keep your smile healthy, but they can provide you with a touchup kit if your results begin to fade.

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening?

Although whitening treatments are safe and effective when used by a trained professional, they aren’t right for everyone. Some stains can’t be treated with a whitening system because they originate from within the tooth. As a result, your dentist will determine the cause of your stains to ensure teeth whitening can provide the results you want. They will also examine your teeth and gums because a healthy foundation is crucial to a beautiful smile. Therefore, any untreated dental issues will need to be resolved, like gum disease or tooth decay. If the problems aren’t addressed, the whitening gel can aggravate them, leading to discomfort and possible damage to your teeth.

Let’s Get Started on Your Smile!

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If you are interested in revealing a more youthful smile at a price that fits into most budgets, you deserve to learn more about how take-home teeth whitening from our office can help. Your cosmetic dentist in Fort Worth can’t wait to help you smile your absolute best and brightest! To learn more about GLO teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to contact us today.